Who we are

The brand Nato in Italia, created in 2010 by the intuition of an entrepreneur from Campania linked to the world of textiles, pursues the mission of representing the Italian tradition in the clothing sector by assembling the best local artisans under a single banner.

Among the temples of Paestum and the Amalfi Coast, the company has found valid professionals in the sector that, keeping faith to the essential dogmas of quality and craftsmanship, realize an exclusive product 100% made in Italy.

This cooperative of craftsmen manages to combine the Italian tradition with the inevitable dynamic momentum of the brand on the international market.

The products are characterized by the careful selection of the highest quality fabrics, the obsessive attention to details, the fine finishing of the garments and the certified craftsmanship in the production chain perfectly synthesized in shirts, sweaters and stockings, exporting Italian excellence in many countries of the world.