Artisan supply chain

Italians are the materials, Italian are the hands that work them and Italian is also the production procedure that follows the dictates of the textile tradition. The artisans who produce for Nato in Italia apply and reinterpret, in the production of shirts, trousers, knitwear and all the accessories, the main processing techniques handed down by generations of tailors. The finishes, the inserts, the buttons are sewn by hand by guaranteeing the best possible quality in the manufacture. Every single garment signed by Nato in Italy follows this chain and therefore legitimizes itself as an ambassador of true made in Italy in the world. Market researches, selection of fabrics, workmanship, finishing and promotion are processes that involve various performers, even with a considerable difference in age: straddling the hands of Mrs Concetta, over 60, there is also work for the under 35. The entire route is developed entirely in Italy in order to protect a product that is not only aesthetically appealing, but also excellent in quality and, therefore, placed towards a high-end market but with low costs.